18.12 2014 12:56


MARÝ is a Icelandic concept design company that specializes in honest, storytelling and fun products. Seeking inspiration in traditional craftsmanship with a fresh modern touch. MARÝ believes in natural materials, quality, fair trade and being friendly to the environment. 

Marý Ólafsdóttir who is a product designer and a founder of the company has her office based in the heart of Stockholm in Sweden where she gets inspired everyday by the beautiful landscape and city of Stockholm.

Join is a candleholder and a storage for small objects, inspired by traditional wood handcrafting. Inspired by the first finger jointing furniture I saw when I was a kid and it really caught my attention. It was a desk that my father had made when he was 12 years old. Everything was done by hand and locked together with finger jointing.

Join is hand dyed with natural organic Beetroot juice dye that fades with time.

Note: Keep away from very bright & sunny spots to keep the color from fading.